2014 Business Goals Mid-Year Checkin

2014-01-03_0002In January, I wrote out some 2014 business goals that I wanted to attack this year. I try to make my goals difficult but realistic. Erik says you should make goals crazy high so that even if you fail, you're in a good place because you tried so hard to get there. While it's a little early to completely say I've failed or accomplished some of these things, I thought a little status check was in order. Right now kind of feels like halftime in the wedding season for me. I was going strong with a wedding (or two!) almost every weekend from May through July. Some were my own weddings, some were weddings I was helping other photographers with, but there were A LOT of weddings. It was fantastic and reassuring. It was that feeling I never got with teaching where I thought, YES, this is right. I am fulfilled by this, I am good at this AND I can get better, too.

So this week I've been working on a SECRET PROJECT that I'm a little terrified and a lot excited about. And in doing that, it's made me want to stop and reflect before moving forward.

2014-07-18_0087Shoot 15 Weddings and 20 Portrait Sessions

Well I think it's safe to say this aint happening haha. But I'm okay with it. It was an ambitious number. Portraits can spring up any time and I tend to do the most portraits in the Fall, so that's still open. But I'm not going to hit the fifteen mark on weddings. While I'm a little disappointed in that, I know that my wedding number has tripled from last year's and that's a great sign in itself.

Become LLC Company

Did that the day I wrote this first blog post. Baller.

2014-07-08_0062Develop my Brand

This is always a work in progress and will never really be DONE, but I'm making progress. My SECRET PROJECT has a lot to do with this and I can't wait to share it. Hopefully before my next batch of weddings starts in September! Figuring out my "brand" is more about figuring out myself, what's important to me, where I want to focus my photography efforts, what kind of weddings I want to shoot, etc. There's a lot that goes into it and I overthink it sometimes, but it's important that my clients get a sense of who I am so that I'm trulyΒ connecting with people.

Be Featured in Three Publications

This is a success. Done. Woot! But I don't want to stop there just because my goal was only three. This is a good thing for me to focus on in the coming weeks before wedding craziness starts again. I have a lot of beautiful weddings with the potential to be featured!

2014-07-02_0023Develop Editing Presets

Also done! I need to make a black and white preset because I don't like Lightroom's default black and white, but my typical photo edits can usually be done withΒ the touch of a button and a little tweaking. What I've realized is that editing and presets are a lot less important than just learning how to shoot things beautifully IN THE CAMERA before it ever hits the computer at all. That comes with practice and I'm getting better at that all the time.

Learn Off Camera Lighting

Getting better! Honestly, still kind of meh when it comes to the off camera flash, but I know it will become more natural the more I do it. It is no longer scary and that's a great step forward ;)

Santillane WeddingI have more detailed goals on my own documents, but these were the ones I shared on the blog in January. It's tempting to keep your goals secret so that nobody knows when you don't achieve them, but there's not much ambition in that and if starting your own small business isn't ambitious I don't know what is. I'll embrace the scary and be REAL. That's what blogs are for.