2014 Photo Favorites

Sometimes it takes a little reflection to realize how far you've come. I've been struggling mentally lately. Trying to figure out if I'm running my business the way I really want to and if I'm doing "enough" and thinking of everything I could be doing better. I'm going to blame my husband and all his massive success at work this year. He's doing really impressive things and I can't help but wish I was too. 


This morning I was pulling all my favorite images from this past year and I remembered how it was only two years ago that I was telling my mom how scary shooting a wedding would be. All the pressure. All the different environments you have to be able to work in... quickly! With no redos! I was very intimidated and thought I'd stick with portraits forever. But then I shot my first wedding and was so inspired and realized that that pressure motivated me instead of suffocating me. I fell in love with hanging out with people on the most exciting day of their life (thus far!).

So looking at all these images reminds me of all the things I learned this year. I became a better photographer in 2014. And while I still have a lot to learn, that's something to be proud of for sure.

All these pictures make me happy for some reason or another. It might just be a gorgeous picture that's also in the portfolio section of my website. But it might be the first time I tried off camera flash or learned how to make rings stand up on their own or put bokeh in front of my subject instead of behind them or shot a wedding in the rain. These images all resonate with me in some way and remind me what a great year 2014 really was.