2015 Business Goals

Last year at this time, I was sharing my 2014 business goals. And if you look at them, you'll see what the focus of last year was. Be a better photographer. That's basically what it boiled down to. I needed to learn about lighting, posing, editing, branding... all the things that give you a right to do what I want to do this year.

This year, I don't have a bulleted list of goals for you. This is not another wedding photographer post where I shout out all the cool tropical and European destinations I want to shoot a wedding at or talk about how I need a new macro lens and want to perfect my off camera lighting. Yeah, some of that is true, but it doesn't really matter.

I'm trying to change my attitude this year. Instead of "be a better photographer" which I am always doing naturally, I'm turning my perspective into being a better business. Doing that involves a lot of goals that nobody wants to read about or think about, trust me I don't really love thinking about them myself sometimes. But it means focusing on less spectacular aspects of this business... like marketing, pricing, workflow, and scheduling. They're not super fun things. But they're things that turn a profitable hobby into a profitable business. 

So for this year, I'm done with workshops and inspirational fluff. I usually regret going after I've had some distance and thought about it. There's nothing wrong with the workshops I've gone to and I've learned things. But no one can build my business for me. Nobody can tell me what's good or bad about it when good or bad is so subjective. If I were shooting 40 weddings a year I'd be completely miserable. So why do I feel like I have to learn from the people who are doing that?

One of the reasons this career path appealed to me was its flexibility. That if I needed to drive Erik to the mechanic or take Zeke to the vet or, one day, keep my kid home from school... or heck homeschool my kid.... I could DO that. And it wouldn't take away from what I'm doing in my business. 

So while growth is still important. Of course. I want a different kind of growth this year. I want to dedicate myself to growing in more meaningful ways. Now, I needed a lot of those building blocks last year. You can't take people's hard-earned money if you don't have a true skill and service to give them. But I'm talking about an inner growth and more purposeful decision-making. I want to be intentional with my time. Intentional with my plans. Intentional.

I'm wondering now if any of this made sense to anyone but me, but I guess it's okay if it didn't! I'm going to go continue writing out the little steps in all my goals now, and practice that intentional thing. What are your goals for 2015? I always love hearing them!