2015 Wedding Favorites

Richmond Wedding Photography - 2015

This post was HARD. Last year I was so diligent in pulling out all my favorites of every wedding as I blogged them. This year, for some dumb reason, that idea was tossed out the window. So when I realized I wanted to do a "best of" favorite wedding pictures from this year post, I had a lot of photo sorting to do! It was kind of fun, but I know that I missed a bunch of favorites as well. There were A LOT of fun moments and pretty portraits this year. You'll see, those tend to be my favorite wedding pictures. I always photograph the wedding details, but it's the people and the laughs that I consistently love the most.

I did a lot of really fun portraits this year too! So stay tuned for that post. I couldn't share everything all in one blog post, but there have been a lot of awesome engagement pictures, family and senior portraits that need sharing as well. All in good time. All in good... time.

This, however, will be the LAST blog post of 2015. Saaaad/YAY 2016!!!! But for now, it's vacation time for the Heidenthal household. We have much Christmas-ing to do and family-ing to enjoy. I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful holiday, a festive new year, and a lot of REST and relaxation! You, my lovely blog readers, make this photography thing I do extra joyful and fun. So thank you for that. And see you next year!