Well, yesterday I turned 28. Huzzah! Another year older, and possibly a little wiser. It's definitely been a good year. A year of growth and prioritizing. The older I get, the more I learn who I am, ACCEPT who I am, and realize what I really value in life.

A few months ago, I read somewhere that you should stop trying to improve your weaknesses and instead focus on improving your strengths. It rang true to me, not just because my strengths are my comfort zone and hey let's just hang out there for forever, mmmk? But because if you spend all your time trying to improve the weaknesses, you might eventually be as good as the people around you... average. Whereas utilizing your strengths will make you an expert, a CHAMP. It's why someone like me doesn't major in math in college. Yes, how lovely it would be to improve my math skills, but there are others better suited for that so why waste my time?

I've spent my whole life trying to downplay my weaknesses and play everything cool so that I'm not judged for being less than. Recently, I've been a lot more up front with people, and you know what? Everyone's always so kind when you're vulnerable and tell them what you're afraid of. For example, I've been telling my wedding vendor friends that networking is HARD for me. I am naturally very shy, quiet, introverted, all of the above (and those are all different things! See why teaching was an absolute nightmare for me? haha). And by telling people "hey, I think you're awesome and I'd like to get to know you but crowds make me crazy" I realize that a lot of people are actually on the same exact page.

So this year, my goal is to look at the things that REALLY make me happy and fulfilled and turn all my gears in that direction. I'm not going to throw everything I'm bad at out the window. If I did that, I'd never learn anything new. But asking for help in the areas you need them in is so much smarter than trying to teach yourself everything from ground zero... which is what I think a lot of business owners feel compelled to do. You start your business and suddenly you need to learn ALL the skills of your trade... plus business management, marketing, accounting, bookkeeping, all that terrible behind the scenes stuff that creatives tend to detest and lose their minds over. There's a reason I don't do my own taxes. And there's zero shame in that. 

My mom posted this picture of me to Facebook yesterday haha. The obsessions start so young!

My mom posted this picture of me to Facebook yesterday haha. The obsessions start so young!

Can I also just say how much closer 28 feels to 30? 30 is just that age where you're like wow, I'm really a grown up, it's not even close anymore. No more "I'm a 20-something living the life!" Your early twenties are more "lolz, I'm a grown up now, I'm ordering a margarita!" And now I've shifted into serious adult territory of "hm, I should check my amortization schedule and see if I can remove my mortgage insurance soon... oh and we need to replace the air filters in our house and reseal the driveway..." This is starting to feel like a terrible Buzzfeed article, but it's seriously true. 

These are all the great things to learn before having children. If you're doing both simultaneously, kudos to you. Puppies are time consuming enough ;)

Speaking of puppy, I haven't posted any Lily photos in a while. These are a little old, but that just means I need to take some new ones soon! Hey, Lily Lil!

Time to hit the edits hard today after lazing it up yesterday. Happy Thursday everyone!