30 Things To Do on a Snow Day

Disclaimer: this photo is from last year's snow. I haven't braced myself to go out and photograph our house yet ;)

It's no secret I am a snow lover. I'm pretty obnoxious about it. But I think it's far more acceptable to be obnoxious about your love and joy for something than your hate. You'll never see a blog post or Facebook post about something I hate. I don't think that's a good thing to put out into the world and I get tired of seeing it from others. I think that's why the internet can be such a dark place sometimes... too many people releasing all of their negativity on real people without consequence. 

But I know there plenty of you out there who do not love snow! And that's okay! Confusing, disturbing, and alarming maybe (especially if you're still school aged... I met a kid yesterday who was not happy about all the snow coming, ugh). But it's okay :) I promise. 

In the interest of everyone, snow loving and not, here's a list of things to do to make your snow day as awesome as it should be! Embrace being home. Embrace the world stopping. Even if parts of it haven't fully stopped, your part has. And that's kind of cool and liberating.

1. Enjoy the view outside your window. You only see it a couple times a year.
2. Drink a hot drink and be thankful you're warm.
3. Start a new book.
4. Write. Anything.
5. Get organized. Your pantry. Your garage. Your ridiculous number of photo files...
6. Get your taxes ready (you know, if you're really adamant about being productive...)
7. Start a crock pot full of chili. It's the best snow day meal!
8. Pull out your retro video games and play!
9. Go sledding! An oldie but a goodie. And thanks a lot, Lowe's cashier, for mocking me buying my sleds yesterday. I have needs.
10. Bake! All day. You'd be surprised how many baked goods you can make on your own with basic pantry ingredients. Homemade cinnamon rolls anyone?
11. Have a movie marathon. Thanks, Netflix.
12. Watch a documentary about something new.
13. Do lots of laundry.
14. Make your own fondue party. All you need is some chocolate, cheese, or both!
15. Pull out the board games! The playing cards! Things that don't get nearly enough use on a regular basis.
16. Teach yourself how to do something new. Youtube is great for that.
17. Binge on reality TV. I might be watching some Bachelor right now. Don't hate.
18. Figure out how to download Outlander. It's pretty much the best show on TV and I think it's on iTunes now.
19. Try a new fitness video. Yoga, pilates, weight training... there's a lot you can do to stay active even when you're inside!
20. Clean. Boring, but you know, crank that T Swift.
21. Get crafty. For me, that's usually decorating my house. But if you scrapbook or have kids, the possibilities are endless!
22. Pinterest. Nuff said.
23. Take a long, bubbly, hot bath. Mmm...
24. Write letters! To people you don't get to see nearly enough.
25. Make snow cream! 
26. Build a snowman... or snow pet. Build something!
27. Make a donation pile. A "sell on Craiglist" pile. And throw some stuff out!
28. Nap! When was the last time you got to do that?
29. Sort through your photos on your computer and order some PRINTS and canvases and whatever fun stuff you like!
30. Shovel snow. Because I'm sure that's what everyone's really thinking ;)

Me? I'm going to enjoy the quiet. I'm going to enjoy Erik working from home, knowing he can't be held late at the office. I'm going to bake something delicious. I'm going to watch The Bachelor in all its ridiculousness. And I'm going to torture Lily in the snow :) She secretly loves it. I know she does. What are you going to do!?