Happy 4th of July!

You may have noticed there was no blog post last Friday. That's because it was Independence Day and when Erik's home from work, it's a holiday! We actually had the most chill, low-key 4th I've ever had. We met up with my parents and brothers for dinner and made a minor attempt to see the Chesterfield fireworks at a random field on the side of Ironbridge Road. I say that because we had no idea whether we'd be able to actually see the fireworks or not, and it turned out that we really couldn't. It was a bummer, but we watched what we could through the trees and resolved to see betterΒ fireworks in Richmond next year at Josh's house.

4th of julyAt least Daddy and Erik had a toy to play with :)

2014-07-07_0002 2014-07-07_0003Boo.


2014-07-07_0004My brother just bought his first home in Richmond. It's a cute little, 100-year-old, renovated townhouse. So this weekend he had a housewarming party and invited the whole family over to hang out with him and his roommates.

2014-07-07_0007 2014-07-07_0006Such a boy's house ;)

2014-07-07_0005With a fancy kitchen. What!?

2014-07-07_0008Grilling! And Erik showing off his bacon-wrapped hot dog.

It was a nice, slow weekend of seeing family, watching Netflix movies, and trying new restaurants. It was exactly what I needed after shooting four weddings in a row this past month! Now I can gear up for this weekend's wedding and have a bit of a break before things really pick up again in the Fall. I'm excited for the business, but I'm definitely learning to especially savor the non-wedding weekends.

Prepare for a beautiful wedding on Wednesday!