A Classic Richmond Wedding

Linden Row, Quakers Friends Meeting House, and Balliceaux

What a way to kick off a wedding season! I just loved this wedding. It was everything a wedding should be in my book. Sweet, simple, and overflowing with heart. Kelly and Paul have that kind of easy comfort love. You can tell they have nothing to prove, they just BELONG together. And the sweetest part of this whole wedding, was how they emphasized the new family they were creating.

Kelly has a son named Victor, who you'll see being his charming self in some of the photos to follow!, and she and Paul put more emphasis on their new family than themselves as a couple. Which is just how it should be. They're a unit now. And watching that happen was such a special privilege for me.  You'll see in the photos, but oh my goodness... when Paul made his vows to Victor during the ceremony... it was the closest I've ever come to crying at a wedding! And I am NO crier. Seriously. Didn't even cry at my own. But watching Paul step up and accept Victor as HIS son too and make promises to HIM was one of the most genuine, heartfelt things I've ever seen. I just know they're going to be an incredible family together.

After the ceremony at the Quakers Friends Meeting House... one of the most charming little ceremony sites I've ever seen, by the way... we took some portraits with Paul's classic Camaro! I knew that when you talked about your car during your wedding vows, you probably needed some photos with it haha. I don't know anything about cars, but Erik has a 2010 Camaro, so I was still "yay, Camaros!" despite my ignorance. 

The reception was at Balliceaux, which I had never been to before, but it was just the perfect Richmond neighborhood bar and restaurant to have this wedding reception. A few of Kelly and Paul's guests were sweet enough to ask me to eat dinner with them, so I did, and we had the best philosophical chat with one of the waiters there. Richmond is seriously such a cool place.

So enjoy this classic Richmond wedding! It's one of my favorites yet!