A Doublestuffed Weekend

This weekend was a first for me. I shot two weddings. TWO. Not only that, but I did them both within 24 hours. That doesn't even sound physically possible since most weddings tend to run 8-10 hours and I do enjoy sleeping and all that. But with a late Friday wedding and an early Saturday one, I JUST managed to squeeze them both into 24 hours. the mill at fine creek weddingThe first wedding was at The Mill at Fine Creek and I was helping out Carly from Two Spoons Photography. I was thrilled when she asked me because I realized I had only ever shot weddings with male photographers. How crazy! A lot of guys prefer working with a female photographer so that the girls are more comfortable during the "getting ready" portion of the day, and I understand that. But it was a lot of fun to shoot with Carly! We have very similar ways of working and similar attitudes. When our made up lighting set up wasn't going as well as we expected, we both moved on without freaking out and found a new solution. No problemo. I think being able to adjust and push forward is a necessity in almost any field, but especially on a wedding day when emotions and stress are already high!

lewis ginter botanical gardensWedding #2 was at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. I have a soft spot for that venue, especially the Bloemendaal House. When I was on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue for my own wedding, I fell in love with this place. I thought the house was so beautiful, surrounded by lush gardens and trees. It felt homey and comfortable to me and that's exactly the feeling I wanted on my wedding day. I can't get that feeling from a ballroom or country club. There's something more special in an outdoor garden wedding that I just can't put my finger on.

It was a beautiful wedding and I'll have a ton more pictures to share soon. Today I'm babysitting the little bugger I watch occasionally, and tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY. Woooo!! But I'll still be sure to squeeze in some new previews before Friday :) Have a fantastic week, everyone!