A Lansdowne Resort Fall Wedding

Jordan and Chris' Lansdowne Resort Fall Wedding

My favorite weddings are the ones where I arrive and instantly feel a part of the family. At least, the wedding family haha. You know, one of the girls in the bridal suite. A fellow party goer at the reception. I just so happen to have a camera too. That's how this day with Jordan and Chris was. Now, it probably helps that one of my best friends, Jessica, was a bridesmaid in the wedding so I've met Jordan and some of their mutual friends before. But I don't shoot many friends' weddings so it's a special treat for me.

I think the other big factor in feeling so comfortable at this wedding was the fact that I've been with Jordan and Chris from the very second they got engaged. Jordan's bridesmaid, Gwen, was so sweet to gift Jordan and Chris ME when Chris proposed and it was so fun to be a witness to that, then shoot their engagement session, and THEN be a part of the wedding. After photographing these two twice already, their portraits were an absolute breeze at the wedding because they hardly needed posing at all! They just moved right through everything I suggested, already knowing what I meant by every weird thing I said ;)

I was especially glad that this was Jordan's wedding because I feel a kinship with Jordan. See, Jessica likes to compare her group of college friends (Jordan et al) with our friend circle from high school and I remember in college her saying that Jordan was her Christopher Newport Tiffany. And now after spending more time with Jordan, I completely see why :) Especially when you compare our wedding days! We are both very laid back, go with the flow people... and you know she is when she finds out 10 minutes before portraits that her husband to be forgot to bring his shoes and doesn't get upset hahaha. 

It was such a fun day. Jordan, Chris, you have the greatest friends! Your reception was non-stop fun and I loved seeing how much you all genuinely care about each other. The two of you make a beautiful couple and I can tell you're more than that... you're best friends and have so much fun and laughs ahead of you. Thanks for letting me a part of this wedding journey!!