A List

It's a dark, dark morning and for some reason my nose is furious with my face so I can't stop sneezing. It's just one of those mornings where deciding on a topic for today's blog is impossible, focusing on any one thing is impossible. Everything today is JUST IMPOSSIBLE. 

All the mothers out there are laughing hysterically right now. I know. 

So here is a list of some of the thoughts going through my brain on this fickle morning.

1. It's really hard to write a personal blog post and not mention how conspicuous our little furbaby's absence still is. It's been two-ish weeks now and I still can't leave the house without feeling like I forgot him. We purged a lot of his things because they made us sad, but then there are still ping pong balls all over the place because picking those up just feels wrong and we can't. We're better and I don't mean to be overly-dramatic but I'm seeing things through different colored glasses than I'm used to and I don't cope with change very well.

2. Speaking of change, I removed the "Categories" tab from my website menu. In all my user testing, that was the one thing people were very "?!?" about so I just removed it. Improvement or no?

Also, Peek's User Testing is amazing. How fun and voyeuristic to watch someone peruse your carefully crafted website. Even more fun when they GET what you were trying to accomplish. If you have a website, try it. It's free.

3. My phone is due for an upgrade and I cannot decide between the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note. A serious consideration is that I don't believe the Note will fit in the adorable little cell phone pocket on my camera bag (see photo above) and I JUST CAN'T HAVE THAT. But really. Help me decide. And don't mention the iPhone please. I'm trying to make a realistic decision here.

HA. I'm in a wicked mood today.

4. Let's just do it. You knew it was going to happen eventually and I can't contain myself any longer. Let's talk true amazingness. Outlander. And I do mean the TV show. Am I biased because it's my favorite book series as well? NO. In fact that gives me more fuel to be snobbish and unreasonable does it not? My sister-in-law (hi, Kat, I miss you!) warned me that I was likely to be disappointed with the show since I love the books so much, but so very on the contrary... they're doing the greatest job bringing this story to life in a meaningful, ridiculously beautiful way. If you're not watching, you're seriously missing out.

5. I've been wanting to write more about photography lately... you know, camera techniques and all that kind of fun stuff. But I'm having trouble deciding what's useful to my readers. Do I have more photographers reading who want to know more advanced skills? Or maybe we should start at Camera Class 101 so that EVERYONE can step up their photo game? Hello audience, I know you're there (thanks analytics reports) but WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT!?

6. I'm fermenting my first batch of homemade kombucha. It's been sitting on my counter for almost a week now with a weird creature floating around in it doing fermenty, healthy things. If it goes well and winds up being delicious, I'll blog about that too. I know you want to grow some bacteria on YOUR counter too!

7. I usually watch a Gilmore Girls rerun while I finish up my blog post and do all the logistical sharing, hashtagging, and other important social media things. But when it's the final season I JUST CAN'T because it is so horrid I want to cry. Can they please just not air that season anymore? It makes me angry and nauseous. (For those not as obsessed with this fantastically well-crafted show, the final season was written by some other shmuck when they booted the original writer out for dumb reasons. It was and still is a television travesty.)

I'm going to stop on 7. I like that number and could probably continue with random thoughts for half the day. As it is, I've also proposed way too many questions to you, lovely reader, and I'd hate to burden you even more. But please! Answer something for me. As you can see, I need a little direction in my life right now ;)