A Little Bride

Midlothian Family Portrait Photographer

My friend and wedding coordinator, Nicole McAllister and I just can't get enough of photo shoots lately. Blame it on the winter quiet that photographers go through every year. Blame it on needing a creative outlet. Blame it on Nicole doing some spring cleaning that led her to rediscovering her wedding dress. Either way, she got the brilliant idea to take a few photos of her sweet daughter, Audrey, wearing the wedding dress.

These photos are so lovely. I think "fairytale" every time I see them. Audrey's adorable little curls and her big dress are beyond sweet. But this session to me says everything about photography. Clients of mine often agonize over the location of their session and I tell them that it doesn't matter if they think it may not be photogenic. ANY location can be beautiful. What matters the most is 1. The subject and 2. The LIGHT. Guys, this photo shoot happened on the edge of a parking lot off of Hull St. The beautiful pink blossoms? I was standing in the parking lot, shooting through the tree. But we had the most beautiful sunset light and OF COURSE... we had Audrey being all spectacularly cute.