A Little Update


Yikes! It's been two weeks since I've blogged! What in the world. There are a lot of excuses for that, but you know, it is what it is. No apologies! Life has been hectic and then just hasn't been a priority unfortunately.

Willow has been non-stop teething lately. She's a very late teether, so we very nearly made it an entire year without any teeth but they are all coming in full force now. If you're a parent, you know how rough this is! Everyone keeps offering solutions and remedies for us, but Willow is just inconsolable sometimes. I read somewhere that redheads experience tooth pain much stronger than other people, and I don't know how true that is but I'll vouch for it personally! We've been stacking natural remedies with children's motrin when times get desperate, but she's just so upset that she refuses most solutions. She won't chew on any of the cold things that everyone suggests. Trust me, I've bought all the teething toys and gadgets and she just wants nothing to do with them. I don't know if it hurts to use them or if she's just too upset to try, but she's completely uninterested and it only aggravates her the more I push. 

Crazy little tooth monster.

I've also been working on a fun project that has nothing to do with baby and nothing to do with photography. Ever since Willow was born, it's genuinely been difficult to spend time on hobbies and fun things that didn't involve her. Not just because of my more limited time, but because she was always on my mind. If I had a free hour, I'd edit some pictures of her or work on her baby book or read parenting books. At one point, I told Erik I didn't know how to do anything non-Willow related. And that's when I started working hard on my business again, but then I became overwhelmed by spending all of my time either on Willow or on work. I think a lot of parents fall into THAT trap, often just out of pure necessity. 

So I took a step back (as much as I could), and realized I had a creative itch to do something different. And a podcast was born. My friend, Randi, and I had jokingly discussed starting a podcast and then one day I said "hey, let's actually DO this." So we did! We've been talking and planning it for months, going very slowly, but in the last month we really threw ourselves into it and now our show is launching tomorrow! It's very exciting for us to go to the iTunes store and say, hey that's us!

Our show is all about one of our favorite TV shows, LOST. So if you have any interest in listening to that, the podcast is called Freckles and Blondie and is available on iTunes, Google Play, and our website, thelostpodcast.com. We have an introduction up that explains the premise of the podcast, but our first real episode will be live tomorrow! We're very excited and I've really been enjoying reconnecting with my friend Randi, who I lived with in college but haven't stayed in touch with as much as I have wanted since then, and of course I'm enjoying rewatching LOST and actually studying it in depth in the way my English major soul really craves.

But sadly, one of the big reasons our lives have been all wackadoodle lately is because Erik's grandfather is sick. He has been in the hospital for the past two weeks and we've gone to northern Virginia to visit him and be with the rest of our family twice since then. It's incredibly exhausting to travel with Willow because she's just not used to it and hates sleeping in a weird place, hates being in her carseat for longer than about half an hour, and of course other people's homes just aren't babyproofed or stocked with all the essentials of your own home. So it's a challenge. But I'm really glad we went and were able to see Pap and just spend time with the family in general.

It's been very scary because it's all happened really quickly. I mean, just four blog posts ago I posted a sweet photo of Pap playing with Willow at her birthday party and everything was fine. Life changes so quickly.

Of course I worry about the person who is sick in the hospital, but I always try to think of the people closest to that person too, since sometimes they're a little forgotten amidst all the chaos. Erik's grandma is one of the strongest people we know. Physically, she's battled her own illnesses and come out on top, even when her physical therapist didn't think she'd be able to walk she proved him wrong. She's amazing and has continued to be so as her husband fights his own battle right now. If you're a prayer or just a well wisher, we could definitely use them right now for Pap. He and Erik have always been especially close, but we're all worried and hoping for the best for him right now.

We'll be heading to the beach for a week soon, so I won't be updating the blog while we're gone. But you can always get in touch with me via email at tiffany@tiffanyheidenthal.com