A Proposal at Paradise Springs Winery

A friend of a friend of a friend asked me if I would be willing to photograph this proposal and naturally, I freaked out because I'd never shot one before and well, PROPOSAL. It's just so inherently exciting!

Not only did Chris plan this sweet proposal for Jordan at this beautiful winery that they often frequent, but he planned for all their friends to be there waiting to celebrate with them afterward. So everyone was hiding, waiting for the big moment!

I don't really need to tell you what she said, just look at the pictures :)

After the proposal itself and after Jordan had the chance to call everyone important who wasn't already at the party, the three of us snuck out for a few ENGAGED photos around the winery. It was romantic and the joy was written all over their faces. You could tell that Chris was just so relieved to finally get to tell Jordan about everything he'd been doing in secret for the past two months and Jordan was just trying to absorb everything that was happening! 

It was such an exciting, joyful day. I loved getting to know you two on such an important day and had a blast hanging out with all your friends. Seriously, they have the best friends. One of them, (hey Gwen!) was the entire reason I was there. She knew how crazy awesome it would be to document the proposal forever, so I'm very thankful to her for thinking to ask me to come! 

Enjoy the photos! :)