A Richmond Proposal

Oh my goodness, you guys. There is just something extra exciting for me in documenting a proposal. I love sneaking around so the proposee doesn't notice me. I love waiting with anticipation to see it happen and to see her reaction! It's just so different from everything else I photograph and such a special moment to witness. Brides always want emotional wedding pictures. They want to see their partner swell up with emotion when they see each other for the first time. But really? I think the proposal often has more potential for those overwhelming feelings because it's such a surprise! 

Mandy contacted me a few weeks before P-day, explaining her plan to me. She was going to hang framed photographs from the trees along a path near Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond where she and Sydney take walks. The photographs would tell the story of their relationship to this point. Then at the end of the walk she was going to ask Sydney to marry her and she wanted me to document that part. What an incredible freaking proposal idea. Seriously. If I had proposed to Erik it sounds like exactly what I would have done haha. 

After the big moment, I introduced myself and explained to Sydney that I was not actually photographing the scenery, I'd been photographing her haha. We did a little mini portrait session on our walk back to the cars and I absolutely love how it turned out. It's so "Richmond in the Fall!" and shows what a beautiful day it really was.

Congratulations on your engagement, you two! I loved getting the opportunity to know you  and being a small part of a big moment in your lives!