A Richmond Sweet 16

Bryana's Sweet 16 Party

Today I have something a little bit different to share! This summer I had the pleasure of photographing my first Sweet 16 party. Honestly, my only past experience and knowledge of the Sweet 16 world was whatever that old show on MTV was that showed crazy huge parties with spoiled, bratty teenage girls bossing everyone around and acting like baby diva princesses. So naturally, I was very excited to see one in person! haha

Well, let me just say that Bryana was not like that AT ALL. She and her family were just as sweet and genuine as could be. I remember when we were in the hotel room and Bryana's mother was explaining the night's timeline, she told Bryana that she would make her grand entrance into the ballroom when she arrived. And Bryana couldn't grasp why she would have a special entrance. Why would it matter when she walked in? It was seriously cute. 

You'll also notice that Bryana's grand entrance includes her little siblings. And when she cut her cake, she gave the first bites to them too. It was beyond sweet and a great demonstration of her selfless character... at SIXTEEN. Trust me, I've taught students that age and that's not the most common thing! 

Lettier Studio coordinated and designed the event and it turned out absolutely gorgeous. Sophisticated and classy, but with fun youthful elements thrown in as well. The whole night was old Hollywood themed, so there was a red carpet, paparazzi (hey-o!), flashing lights, touches of gold and sequins. Complete and total glam!