A Richmond Wall Piece


Y'all know I'm a big fan of wall art... and more importantly, personal wall art that means something to you. Every piece of art in my house is either a portrait of someone I love, a place I love, or an homage to one of the two. There are photos of my family, posters of JMU, and now... a poster of Richmond!

Richmond is such a fun city to be a part of. It's our little small town city that's not really so small, but kind of feels that way anyway. I mean, just the other day I was looking for a new brewery to visit and remembered "right, there are about a billion now." Not so small.

But anyway, I was contacted by this company: Modern Map Art. I especially love the personal story that inspired the whole business. They offered to send me a poster for a shout out on my blog, so hey here we are. I got my Richmond poster in the mail and it was exactly as I hoped it would be, and just totally lovely.

In browsing the website, what I really love is the similar, urban style that each poster has. Neutral colors that will go with anything. You could create a wall dedicated to chronicling your travels and add a map for each place you've been. You can do a country or a city. Or it could make the perfect house warming gift when a friend moves to a new city! I just love the versatility of these map art pieces, especially as gifts.

If you're interested in looking for your city or finding some map art for a friend, use this link. Shipping is completely free!