A Rustic Virginia Engagement Session

Savanna and Austin's Rustic Virginia Engagement Session

I should have known when I drove down a winding dirt road, surrounded by beautiful countryside for three miles, that I was driving toward something very special. I should have known when Savanna and Austin were patiently waiting for me on their front porch (and letting my desperate, pregnant self into their home to use the restroom! haha) that they were going to be some of the sweetest most welcoming people to work with. I should have known when they arrived with WEAPONS and other props that this was not going to be any ordinary photo shoot, but something REALLY fun. 

It didn't take long for all this to click! haha!

Savanna put a lot of work into making her engagement session PERFECT. From their outfits to the signs they held, to the carefully chosen locations around Austin's family farm, I could tell how excited she was and there's nothing more satisfying for me as a photographer than seeing one of my brides so excited about her pictures! I mean, it makes my job pretty easy doesn't it? 

We hopped into Austin's pick up truck and drove around Keysville for these pictures. It was incredible to hear about the family history he has in that place. He showed me the road his family had walked to the little school house, which was now abandoned. He pointed out houses that currently belonged to family members. It was the kind of "everyone knows everyone" small town story that seems to exist only in novels these days! Taking their photos around these locations was such a sweet homage to all that history.

Now I get to eagerly await this wedding... after seeing the care Savanna put into this session, I know the wedding will be gorgeous and tons of fun!