A Seventeen Hour Day

This past Saturday was probably the longest working day of my life. I was up bright and early Saturday morning and driving into Richmond to meet Carly from Two Spoons Photography to help her shoot a wedding in Leesburg, VA. We packed into our little rental car with all our ridiculous gear and drove the 2.5 hours that we'd be driving back in another 12 hours.

All in all, I left my house at 8:30 and I got home at 1:30 that night. 

Sure, I was tired. But I was nowhere close to drained.

See, when I was teaching 8th grade English two years ago, every hour was draining. I was giving everything I had to give, which was never enough, and I felt no satisfaction in return. No sense of "job well done" on my part, let alone gratitude from anyone else (I don't think ANY teacher gets enough of that). 

This seventeen hour day on Saturday should have felt twice as exhausting. I mean, you'd be surprised how physically demanding it is to shoot a wedding. Just lugging my camera bags around is a work out, let alone the constant running around on your feet all day.

But Maureen and Nathaniel were too happy to think about any of that for a second. They said the magic words to me and Carly, which is to take as many pictures as we wanted because they're never going to get married again and screw the arctic weather and screw Maureen's recent battle with PNEUMONIA, they were going to frolic in the field and get some awesome photos. 

It's just awesome to be a part of someone's once in a lifetime day. It's awesome to see couples you have no doubt will be together forever (seriously, you just had to see them). And it's awesome to work with another photographer who inspires you. I've shot weddings with a lot of people by now, and Carly and I especially "clicked" (no pun intended) because we see these weddings in the same way. Screw centerpieces and table cloths and perfection, these are two awesome people having the best day of their lives. Nothing matters more than that.