A Stratford Hall Engagement Session

Stratford Hall Engagement Session

Holly and Bryan's Engagement Session at Stratford Hall - Tappahannock, Virginia

Ah, you guys. I wasn't even planning to blog this engagement session today. I thought I'd wait til Thursday, you know space out my posts a little bit. But I was genuinely excited to share these. There are some couples who I book and just know it was completely, totally meant to be. I am not exaggerating! When I talked to Holly on the phone about photographing her and Bryan's wedding next Spring, I feel like we both knew this was the absolute perfect fit. 

Holly and Bryan are both in medical school right now, so their lives are understandably complete and total madness. But HOLLY, genius that she is, majored in ENGLISH in college! I know!!! Isn't that the absolute best!? I find that so endearing and charming about her. And it totally fits her personality. We've already bonded over Pride and Prejudice, a favorite of both of ours. I had to admit my deep, inner nerdyness and tell her that I took a seminar class on Pride and Prejudice last winter JUST FOR FUN. No joke, here's a link to it for all my fellow bookworms. I forgot to tell Holly that when Erik wants to cheer me up, he always tells me he loves me "MOST ARDENTLY" ;-) 

Holly's dad works at Stratford Hall, which is a historic home in Tappahannock, VA, right along the Potomac River. Some of the pictures you're about to see look like we were at the beach, the river is so wide! The place is absolutely ginormous. Sometimes, we find a venue for a wedding or a portrait session that is so gorgeous, there are almost TOO MANY great locations for photos. That was definitely the case here. Holly's parents were kind enough to drive us around the property and they knew it so well that of course they knew all the best places to take us! I kept saying that I could have done the whole session in just one of the great spots they took us to, but nope, the awesomeness just kept coming!

I cannot wait for Holly and Bryan's vineyard wedding this Spring. It's going to be beautiful and after spending time with these two, who are so sweet and SO obviously happy together, I know it's also just going to be an incredibly fun day. Thank you for putting the "joyful" into my photography, you two!