A Surprise Birthday


2013-07-31_0001 This is my Erik. He's my husband. He's awesome. Recently, I was talking with his mom and grandma and we were saying how Erik doesn't love a lot of things or a lot of people, but the things he does love, he loves completely. It's part of who he is. He cares about his friends a lot, probably more than they know. Well, the unfortunate thing about your young adult life is that while you're moving around trying to figure out your life, you meet amazing people along the way who wind up not being geographically convenient. So for Erik's birthday, I made it my mission to round up his favorite people from around Virginia for a surprise party. I was thinking about it in hindsight, and with the exception of my little brother, everyone who came drove at least two hours to be there.

Erik was VERY surprised. It's not hard to keep a secret from him. He always says that's terrifying about me because I could get away with anything. Luckily, he's just not as nosy as me. I was a little worried because for a WEEK before the party, Facebook had a notification in the corner that said "Erik's Surprise Party" was coming up, so I had to always minimize my screen when he walked by. It was definitely funny to be texting with party guests while sitting beside Erik who had no idea. We got him out of the house by having his brother, Chris, take him to a movie. If you're going to throw a surprise party, I think the decoy person should definitely go with a movie because it's a set length of time that we knew we had to get ready.

Anyway, it was really fun to see Erik surprised and speechless for once. Β Everyone knows how rare that is! He just kept saying he didn't know what to say. For the rest of the night, though, he kept telling me "This is amazing. Thank you so much." Definitely a success.

Here are some pictures. We like games. Don't judge us.

2013-07-31_0002 2013-07-31_0003 2013-07-31_0004Chocolate chip cookie pie! Erik's two favorite desserts combined. We've discovered since the party that it's especially delicious cold.

2013-07-31_0005 2013-07-31_0006 2013-07-31_0007Erik, you rock. More than Rock Band. Nobody is like you and that's a really rare thing. I'm so glad you were born and that we're 26 together now. Those 15 days in between are lonely.