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New Albums from RedTree Photo Albums

How excited am I about my new sample album? Well, when it arrived I had a terrible headache that was temporarily forgotten. I immediately HAD to take a million photos of my new beautiful albums and I'm so so happy with how they turned out. I ordered an aqua Japanese silk cover. Not only is it my favorite color, but it just so happened to be the wedding color of Megan and Aaron's gorgeous day. Talk about a perfect wedding for me to create a sample album from. The silk is SUPER soft and shimmers in the light. It's absolutely gorgeous. I wonder how many adjectives I'll use by the end of this post.

albumThese covers are thick and heavy. That means they're durable! I looked at a lot of album companies when I was trying to decide what I wanted, and to me, RedTree had the most luxurious, high quality covers- their leather is from Italy, the silk from Japan. It's awesome. For wedding albums, you need something timeless. I think these are the perfect mix of modern and classic. They're beautiful now but twenty, fifty years from now when your grandchildren are looking through your wedding photos, this album is still going to be beautiful.album album pagesThe other thing I love are the thick pages! There's no way these will ever bend. And they have a slick, coated crystal archive paper that feels extremely smooth when you flip through the pages.

PS, can you tell I like my dining room chairs? ;)

2013-09-16_0046One of the cool things about RedTree is that they allow me to offer mini 6x6 "parent" albums in addition to my standard 10x10 album. These albums are exactly the same in quality and are exact duplicates of the main album. The only difference is that they're smaller and have no cover debossing.

Speaking of debossing... don't their names look awesome? You can also do a photo cut out, but I really liked the look of the names on the front.

2013-09-16_0048These spreads lay completely flat and the crease in the middle is tiny. These albums are handmade guys. HANDMADE. I wish I owned more handmade things. It makes everything sound more awesome.

By the way, please don't judge me for all the white speckles on my deck. I may have gotten a little overeager when spray painting our columns.... maybe.

2013-09-16_0049 2013-09-16_0050

I seriously love these albums. I hope my future wedding clients will love them as well. I definitely could have offered a lower quality album for a lower price, but I just felt like I wanted to offer my clients something special and gorgeous that their friends aren't going to have. These albums are literally one of a kind. I can't imagine something more beautiful to put on the coffee table of your first home as husband and wife.