A Pop Up Wedding

My blog is not normally an advertisement, but today's an exception. I'm really passionate about this event that Little Blue Box Events and I have been working on. I can't wait to see all our little plans come to life, but mostly I just can't wait to see people who really value the importance of marriage finally get the opportunity to be a part of it. I had never heard of a "pop up wedding" until recently, but when Nicole explained it to me, I was SO on board. What an amazing gift to give to people who truly deserve it. Basically, we're throwing mini wedding ceremonies all day long for those LGBT couples who have been waiting for this historic day in Virginia.

Those who RSVP can reserve the time slot they want. Just bring your marriage license down to The Bankuet Place and we'll do the rest! We'll have an official ceremony by qualified officiants, a mini photo shoot of you and your new spouse!, and celebratory cupcakes. Please feel free to bring special guests and enjoy yourself. We'll have plenty of room.

Email or call if you have any questions. Please help us spread the word through your social media in any way you can! Thank you!