Amber Grove Wedding in Midlothian, VA

Kate and Will's Amber Grove Wedding in Midlothian, VA

I'm not going to lie. When I realized a HURRICANE would be blowing through on the day of this wedding, I was disappointed. I always reassure my couples that it doesn't matter what the weather does on the day of their wedding, we will get gorgeous pictures anyway. And that is always true. But I still hope it doesn't happen because I know it's not the mental image you have when you're planning your wedding and have booked a beautiful venue and a photographer you trust. It happened to me when I planned my wedding in the trees 5 years ago and wound up spending an extra thousand dollars for the security of a tent that I didn't want in the first place. I was disappointed! But then the day itself happened and everything turned out so beautifully. My pictures were fabulous and everyone had fun. 

Well, that's exactly what happened at Kate and Will's wedding at Amber Grove during hurricane Matthew. I didn't even have to arrive to know that this couple would be taking the dismal weather like absolute champs. They're the kind of people who look out the window, see a storm, and shrug and say "oh well, what are you going to do?" and move on. The whole day felt warm and loving regardless. We took their portraits on the plantation house's front porch and that may sound like a bad thing, but it wasn't at all. I remember taking the first few photos, looking at my camera preview and telling Kate that I would have wanted to take pictures in that spot whether it was raining or not! 

Then it was time for the ceremony. And I've been in many a barn before. But I hadn't been in a barn like this one! Wow! Amber Grove seriously impressed me with their rain plan set up. I could easily see couples choosing to get married in that barn rain or shine. The lighting was soft and lovely and as the ceremony occurred, you could hear the rain pounding the roof above us. I don't know about you, but I find the sound of rain and the soft lighting to be pretty romantic!

The reception was no less lovely. I love a reception where everyone seems to be having just the time of their life. This party was seriously pumping and you can tell in these pictures! There was no need to coax anyone out onto the dance floor, pretty much everyone was already there! 

Kate and Will, it was wonderful to see you both so happy and committed to the purpose of your wedding day... each other and your marriage. It was wonderful to meet your families and spend time with you all. And it was wonderful to document such a joyful day. I hope these images help you relive it all any time you're having a hard day!