An Ashland VA and Hunting Hawk Golf Club Wedding

Kathleen and David's Ashland VA and Hunting Hawk Golf Club Wedding

2014-07-02_0074One of the most appealing things to me about photographing a wedding is the story that comes with that. I'm an English major. That means I love symbolism, figurative language, and a whole lot of other very useful things ;) I think that looking at things through that literary lens has made me appreciate details and little life moments even more. It makes me embrace the feeling of this very big, wedding life moment that virtual strangers ask me to be a part of. That's such a huge deal! Now, hopefully, if I've done things right, I don't feel like so much a stranger by the time I arrive on the wedding day. But it's still such an honor to be present when two (or more!) families come together forever. When two people choose forever together. I hope no matter how long I do this that I never stop appreciating how special that is.

When I arrived at Kathleen's parents' house, saw her beautiful wedding dress hanging in the bay window, and met with the girls getting ready in Kathleen's childhood bedroom, I was immediately swept up in the nostalgia of it all. I couldn't help noticing all the photos on the walls of little Kathleen, high school senior Kathleen, and even her parents' wedding day. I knew that the photos I was taking were going to end up on THESE walls and there was something extra wonderful about seeing that.

Kathleen and David, your day was a fairytale. Not because it was drenched in glitter or included a horse and chariot or any other artificial "fairytale" cliche, but because you are two such genuine people and your love is obvious and real. Your wedding was a culmination of prioritizing what really matters in a relationship. It wasn't about what's trending on Pinterest, but about the commitment you were making that day. And on top of all that, I just had an absolute blast hanging out with such cool, funny people! Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

 2014-07-02_0001See the dress!?

blue wedding shoes 2014-07-02_0003 2014-07-02_0004 2014-07-02_0005 2014-07-02_0006 2014-07-02_0007I loved that she put her dress on in her parents' bedroom. What a sweet memory for her and her parents to always have.

2014-07-02_0008 2014-07-02_0009 2014-07-02_0010Do you see her parents' wedding photo in the background? ;)

blue and pink bridesmaidsSuch beautiful, SWEET girls.

2014-07-02_0012 2014-07-02_0013 2014-07-02_0014 blue and pink bridesmaid bouquet 2014-07-02_0016 2014-07-02_0017Dave was waiting at a neighbor's house to see his bride for the first time :) Proof that you can do a beautiful "first look" just about anywhere if you just look around!

2014-07-02_0018 first look ashland va 2014-07-02_0020 2014-07-02_0021 2014-07-02_0022 wedding in ashland virginia portraitI wish my driveway looked like this.

2014-07-02_0024 2014-07-02_0025 2014-07-02_0026 2014-07-02_0027 ashland virginia wedding photographerKathleen, this is ridiculously gorgeous.

ashland va wedding 2014-07-02_0030Their joy is CONTAGIOUS. I smile just looking at these!

2014-07-02_0031 ashland va brideYes....

2014-07-02_0033 2014-07-02_0034 2014-07-02_0035 2014-07-02_0036For the record, David was kidding when he did this model face but I happened to love it :)

2014-07-02_0037 groom pink boutonniere 2014-07-02_0039 groomsmen tan suits2014-07-02_00412014-07-02_00552014-07-02_0042 2014-07-02_00442014-07-02_00462014-07-02_00452014-07-02_00472014-07-02_00492014-07-02_00482014-07-02_00502014-07-02_00512014-07-02_00522014-07-02_00532014-07-02_00542014-07-02_00562014-07-02_00572014-07-02_00582014-07-02_0059Hunting Hawk Golf Club Wedding2014-07-02_00612014-07-02_00622014-07-02_00632014-07-02_00642014-07-02_00652014-07-02_00662014-07-02_00672014-07-02_0068Daddy/daughter dances are my favorite.

father daughter dance2014-07-02_00702014-07-02_00712014-07-02_0072Hunting Hawk Golf Club WeddingFive minutes of reception portraits are worth it when the sky looks this awesome!

2014-07-02_00742014-07-02_0075Hunting Hawk Golf Club Wedding2014-07-02_00772014-07-02_00782014-07-02_00792014-07-02_00802014-07-02_00812014-07-02_0082Hunting Hawk Golf Club Wedding2014-07-02_00852014-07-02_00862014-07-02_00842014-07-02_0087

Thank you to all the incredible vendors and helpers who made this wedding happen!

Venue | Hunting Hawk Golf Club Coordination | Carice Smith Catering | The Dominion Club Floral | Petals and Things DJ | DJ Dave Rave  Officiant | Bryan Dupuis Cake Artist | Mary Catherine Thompson Hair Artist | Laura D's Makeup Artist | Jen Neiman