An At Home Family Portrait Session

Family Portraits at Home in Richmond, Virginia

I wanted to share this family portrait session because the idea of it is just SO sweet. First off, I love "at home" sessions. I always tell my clients that the best locations aren't necessarily the most beautiful, scenic ones... but the special ones that have personal meaning to you. Well, this session is the perfect example of that. 

Christina contacted me about photographing her family at her childhood home in Richmond. She inherited her parents' house after their passing a couple years ago and was holding onto it because she loved it and it was sentimental, but she and her family had their own life in northern Virginia where they live. So she decided she needed to sell it but wanted a way to keep it forever. What better idea than a portrait session with her family at this nostalgic place?

Her kiddos were total troopers throughout this session. The littlest one was actually sick and feeling pretty miserable for most of the shoot, but she was so good and we were able to get lots of good shots with her (as long as mommy didn't go too far anyway! haha). I completely commiserated, because I was actually feeling pretty sick when I photographed everyone! I was enjoying my first experience with mastitis, yay! But as always when I'm not feeling too hot before a session, I show up and forget those feelings quickly. Inspiration really does take over. And when I get back into my car, whatever was ailing me may suddenly hit me full force, and I get home and worry that maybe my pictures won't be good enough. But they always are, and I'm thankful that the creative side can overpower the physical side when it needs to!

Enjoy these family portraits! And let's all be jealous of this gorgeous home. Those azaleas are so beautiful I came home and told Erik we needed to plant some haha. I'd also like to plant a lake in my backyard, but that's probably not realistic. So we'll stick to azalea dreams for now.