An Instagram Summary

Holy smokes it's been TWO WEEKS since I updated my blog!? That's a bad habit I don't need to get back into. So what have I been up to in the last two weeks? Well... thank you Instagram for reminding me.


Lots of weird things going on in these photos. A fly infestation, an unfinished deck (yeah it still looks like that thanks to June's tsunami-like conditions... Junenami!), a ferret who looks dead but is actually just extremely relaxed.

Oh and I'm officially a year older. I still feel 16, not 26, but I've never had any problem with getting older and seeing where my life has taken me from year to year. I enjoy reflecting just as much as I enjoy looking into the future. That should explain my love for photographs, right? If I'm ever in a bad mood I can always pull out my wedding album and fix everything. Temporarily anyway. It's nice to be nostalgic and appreciate your life exactly as it is now, then, and hopefully in the future, too.

I've also been second shooting at some weddings with 88 Love Stories and Chris Fessler Photography. I love helping these guys out and seeing  the unique way they do things at their weddings. Here's a recent shot from one where the reception was at one of my new favorite places, Urban Farmhouse, how frekin cool!


 I promise I'll do better with the blog in the future. Really. Pinky swear.