An "Up" Themed Engagement Session

up themed engagement session

Jason and Leigh's "Up" Themed Engagement Session at Cheesequake Park, New Jersey

Magical? Yeah, magical. That's the word that comes to mind when I think of this engagement session. When Leigh contacted me, months ago, she knew she wanted an "Up" themed engagement session. It was a movie they both loved (who doesn't love that movie, by the way?) and on their third anniversary, Leigh made their own adventure book full of photos from their relationship so far and gave it to Jason. It's the same book that's in these photos and it looks amazing. 

I've never seen clients arrive to a session so completely prepared to make their vision happen! It was AWESOME. First, when Leigh pulled up in the parking lot she got out and told me she had two more cars coming. I was confused but excited. And when they pulled up, I realized why they needed three cars. Leigh and Jason's car had, well, them in it. Along with all their "Up" themed props and outfits. The second car, driven by Leigh's mom, had their super sweet, super EXCITED puppies in it. And dad brought up the rear with the third car, which (I'm sure you've guessed by now), was completely stuffed to the brim with BALLOONS. YESSS! :D

We had so much fun thinking about what looked like "Up" and what would show off those balloons and chasing dogs and eating cupcakes and exploring Cheesequake Park. It was such fun for me to incorporate their story and the "Up" story into this session. If you haven't seen that movie, you really should, I think it has the greatest first 15 minutes of any children's movie ever. Maybe any movie... It's just really great. And emotional. And adorable. Yes, adorable. I think that's how I'll sum this up. Magically adorable :) Enjoy the photos!