Blacksburg Country Club Wedding - Blacksburg, VA

Katherine and Christopher's Vintage Vineyard Blacksburg Country Club Wedding in Blacksburg, VA

2014-07-08_0002 Writing "Katherine" and "Christopher" is weird to me because this is Chris and Kat! My (new, obviously) brother and sister in-laws! Feel free to read the million other blog posts I've written about these two and how much Erik and I love them, but this is the post I've wanted to post for a long time. Their WEDDING.

Honestly, it's a really strange thing to photograph the wedding of people you know and care about. On the one hand, you can boss the groom around and make fun of him when he doesn't know how to properly do a "first look" and you get to spend the "getting ready" portion of the day in shorts and a t-shirt instead of your formal outfit (that was surprisingly wonderful!). On the other hand, sometimes you want to just stop and savor the day instead of looking around for the best light and trying to coordinate a crazy bunch of bridesmaids and groomsmen. So I tried to balance those things.

The best thing I did to achieve that balance was to ask for help. I usually shoot weddings alone. I've never felt like I needed a second shooter. But for this wedding, it was a MUST. Marek from Marek K Photography graciously volunteered at the VERY last second when unforeseen circumstances prevented my original second shooter from helping. I was so grateful he was there, not only because he's an awesome photographer who cancelled his weekend plans to help me, but because he literally handled the reception on his own with no problem at all. So almost all those photos are his. Sometimes I couldn't resist and took a picture even though I was "off duty." Habits are hard to break.

The wedding itself? Well, it was perfectly Chris and Kat. We were surrounded by the beautiful mountains of their college town at the Blacksburg Country Club. There were lawn games, wine bottles, and superhero cuff links. They wrote their own vows, which were simple and sweet and to the point and just utterly them. All day we kept asking them what they wanted to do about _____ and they both kept saying they just didn't care. This wedding was about getting MARRIED not about anything else. And it was wonderful.

Guys, I hope you love your photos as much as I do :)

Everyone else, I apologize for all the pictures coming at you right now. It's really hard to narrow down pictures when you love them all.

2014-07-08_0003 2014-07-08_0004 2014-07-08_0005 2014-07-08_0006 2014-07-08_0007 2014-07-08_0008Superhero cuff links. Best thing ever.

2014-07-08_0009 2014-07-08_0010All guys should have a card table in their getting ready room.

2014-07-08_0011 2014-07-08_0012 2014-07-08_0013 2014-07-08_0014Kat had a "first look" with her bridesmaids, so she got dressed behind this screen and then...

2014-07-08_0015 2014-07-08_00192014-07-08_0016Ha, Katlyn.

2014-07-08_00172014-07-08_0018My husband, guys.

2014-07-08_0020Then we did a "first look" with Kat's dad and brother!

2014-07-08_0021 2014-07-08_0022And of course, with Chris.

2014-07-08_0023 2014-07-08_0025 2014-07-08_00242014-07-08_0026 2014-07-08_0027I don't normally include photos of myself, but today's special :)

2014-07-08_0028 2014-07-08_0029A big favorite!

2014-07-08_0030Get it, Kat. So pretty.

2014-07-08_0031 2014-07-08_0032 2014-07-08_0033 2014-07-08_0034 2014-07-08_0035 2014-07-08_0036So pretty.

2014-07-08_0037 2014-07-08_0038 2014-07-08_0039I think Chris enjoyed modeling more than he let on ;)

2014-07-08_00402014-07-08_00412014-07-08_00422014-07-08_0043Sorry, peeps, but a "first look" definitely doesn't take away from that first moment seeing each other at the ceremony! It's just as awesome.

2014-07-08_00442014-07-08_00452014-07-08_00462014-07-08_00472014-07-08_00482014-07-08_00492014-07-08_00502014-07-08_00512014-07-08_00522014-07-08_00532014-07-08_0054They did LITERALLY tie the knot.

2014-07-08_00552014-07-08_00562014-07-08_0057The whole new family!

2014-07-08_00582014-07-08_0059I liked this photo because  it appears only Erik  (and maybe Tom) is actually listening to me ;) Good job, husband!

2014-07-08_00602014-07-08_00612014-07-08_00622014-07-08_00632014-07-08_0064 2014-07-08_00662014-07-08_0067This pictures reminds me of this one at our wedding:


2014-07-08_00682014-07-08_00692014-07-08_00702014-07-08_00712014-07-08_00722014-07-08_00732014-07-08_00742014-07-08_00752014-07-08_00762014-07-08_00782014-07-08_00772014-07-08_00792014-07-08_00802014-07-08_00812014-07-08_00822014-07-08_00832014-07-08_0084 2014-07-08_00862014-07-08_0087 2014-07-08_00892014-07-08_00902014-07-08_00912014-07-08_0092This kid. What a lady killer.

2014-07-08_00932014-07-08_00942014-07-08_00952014-07-08_00962014-07-08_00972014-07-08_00992014-07-08_01002014-07-08_00982014-07-08_01012014-07-08_01022014-07-08_01032014-07-08_01042014-07-08_01052014-07-08_01062014-07-08_0107I'm biased, but um best best man toast ever :)

2014-07-08_01082014-07-08_0109Yours was sweet, too, Michelle :)

2014-07-08_01102014-07-08_01112014-07-08_01122014-07-08_01132014-07-08_01142014-07-08_01152014-07-08_0116Such an awesome day!

Thank you to all the incredible vendors and helpers who made this wedding happen!

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