Weekend in Blacksburg

2014-05-12_0001Today's going to be a quick post because my to do list is getting a little out of control after half a week at the beach and a weekend out of town! Erik and I spent this weekend in Blacksburg visiting our favorite couple in the world. Erik's brother, Chris, and his fiancee, Kat, are series regulars on this blog. We spend a lot of time together for living three hours apart! This weekend was extra exciting because 1. Erik and I hadn't been to visit THEM in Blacksburg since their graduation from Virginia Tech last spring and 2. We were there to shoot their engagement pictures! Woot woot! :D

I'll talk more about the engagement session when I post those pictures (other than this little sneak peek today), but it was very fun! And nice to see some of the prettier sides to Virginia Tech's campus. I'm sorry, but I'm horribly biased to JMU and UVA, so I joked that Chris and Kat had given me the ultimate challenge of making Virginia Tech look good haha. Of course, it wasn't actually that hard and we had to narrow down our locations because there were too many cool ones to choose from ;)

We also went out for an amazing Italian dinner, played some games, and talked wedding plans (well me and Kat did haha, the boys dutifully went off to get their measurements done and that was probably the end of their wedding thoughts). I got to meet an amazing, adorable couple and talk about their 2015 wedding. It was another one of those awesome kind of meetings that lasts way longer than you expect because you're having too much fun chatting. I left the coffee shop we met at and checked the time and could not believe two HOURS had flown by. Craziness! But a great sign of a compatible relationship.

Oh, and I got to have some delicious chocolate wine! My new favorite thing thanks to the budding family wine-o's ("is this from a steel or oak barrel?" I'm going to start saying that so people think I'm fancy and know wine).

Look out for a very Hokie inspired engagement session later this week! Now, I'm off to go get ready for portraits of my own! Kind of freaky to be on the other side of the camera, but it's like I tell everyone who hires me. You'll only regret NOT taking photos, but you could regret not having them. Practicing what I preach!