Bridal Portraits at Belle Isle in Richmond, VA


I am a big believer in that your photography skills are automatically amplified when there is a girl in a wedding dress in your pictures. Case in point, this bridal portrait session with my longtime friend Stephanie at Belle Isle in Richmond.  It also helps if she happens to be gorgeous and wear a drop-dead amazing wedding gown. She was amazing, toughing out the chilly March wind on this bridge. She had to stand there for a while as we waited for people to clear the bridge. I felt bad wearing a jacket but I mean it was cold and I don't have to look pretty when I'm the one holding the camera :-)

Bridal Portrait

It was also fun hearing all the comments from everyone as they passed her on the bridge.

"Don't jump!"

"He can't be that bad, sweetheart!"

Hahaha. People are great.

Bridal Portrait

I love this black and white. Brides look SO good in black and white!

Bridal Portrait Bridal Portrait 2013-04-25_0012.jpg

This brick archway had the most beautiful golden light shining behind it. I was so excited and I love how it made her glow. 2013-04-25_0013.jpg

Bridal portraits are a lot of fun. If anything, you get TONS of compliments from onlookers who are thrilled to see a bride walking around in daylight. It's like seeing a celebrity. Everyone shouts out how gorgeous you look. And it's a great way to wear that wedding dress more than once! What's not to love?