Bridal Show

2014-05-21_0003Well, folks, I was a little gun ho this morning. I was so excited about my new MacBook (I haven't owned a laptop in YEARS) that I took it out and decided to update my blog from DOWNSTAIRS. Because I can! And then I realized I didn't have my images imported or edited. My image sizing program wasn't on my laptop. Actually nothing is loaded on my laptop yet and so it's about as useful as my phone ever was until I fix all that. So I'm on my PC :)

I'll write about my grand foray (apparently this is the correct way to spell it ;) thanks Carly!)Β into Apple land at another time when I'm less overwhelmed by the steps it takes to right click.

Today I wanted to share a few photos from this weekend's bridal show.

bridal showHere's my little table, including all the junk underneath it that I should have moved for this picture muahaha.

The table cloth came from my kitchen and the easel came from my mom's house (she paints!). Don't even ask how long it took me to set up that easel. I was asking the vendors around me if they could help me and nobody could figure it out. It was a giant rubik's cube of annoying. And yeah, it's supposed to be taller than it is in this picture. I took what I could get. #mechanicallychallenged

2014-05-21_00022014-05-21_0004The wind kept knocking my sign over, so everything had to lay flat which isn't so aesthetically pleasing, but it was nice to be outside (despite what the sunburn on my nose is still saying five days later).

2014-05-21_0005This is Janice's beautiful booth. She's the florist who invited me to the event. I was drooling over the screen door flower arrangement. Brides, there's a Pinterest worthy idea for you!

2014-05-21_0006And here's some of the other booths, including the DJ who told me he'd play "Happy" for me and then made me wait three hours for it. Talk about suspense!

I have never done a bridal show before. I've attended one as a bride and I remember when I went that I was kind of overwhelmed by all these vendors asking me when the big day was. I told myself I was not allowed to be one of those vendors and I wouldn't even ask when these brides were getting married. I would just talk to them about photography. Honestly, I just wanted people to get the sense that working with me was going to be simple and easy.

I'm still not sure how I feel about bridal shows. I don't know if the kind of brides who attend them are the kind of brides who want to work with me. In the past, I haven't done them because the hosts charge so much for vendors to set up a boothΒ (the cheapest one I found was $600!) and then you're supposed to make your booth incredibly elaborate with signs, electricity (which costs extra), lights, furniture. It's just become a huge production and almost an art in itself for the people who go year after year, perfecting their incredible booths. I've just never been sure that's the way to go with my business.

This weekend's bridal show was free to attend, so I went for it. And sadly it was kind of a bust as far as meeting potential brides. I think there were three who came by. But the positive was that I got to meet a lot of new wedding vendors who I hadn't met before. I've come to know a lot of photographers, so it's nice to mingle with other vendors as well.

Overall impression? I don't feel like I can even say since I got to meet so few brides. It was a nice first show just because it was small and free for me. Was it my last show? Eh, I dunno. We'll see :)