Brighten the Lights of Madison

Ah, this weekend was FUN. It was super busy and we did a lot, but we had a great time. Erik and I are both JMU grads and any excuse we have to get back to campus is always welcome! Well, my cousin Jason and his wife Carolyn invited us to join them this weekend for the football game and tailgating fun. This was literally the first weekend we were able to go, so we were super excited to do it.

We drove up Friday night and spent the night in Harrisonburg. We drove around, noting what had changed and what was ever the same. I'm a nostalgic creature. Once when I revisited Harrisonburg without Erik, I drove to his old apartment and took a photo of myself at his door and texted it to him with an "I'm here!" just because. Good thing the current dwellers didn't come out and ask why I was taking photos on their porch. But knowing JMU kids, I'm sure they'd understand.

Saturday we spent the morning tailgating with Jason, Carolyn, and some more fun people. We watched the game, which was kind of a blow out, but I got to see the MRDs play so what else matters really?

Jason has a creepy mustache right now. It had to be documented.

From there, we headed to Staunton to visit with my best friend since elementary school! I never see Kristen enough. Even when we lived together, I never saw her enough. So I take every opportunity I can to visit. We went to the longest dinner ever and talked endlessly. As we're prone to do.

Sunday, was secret project day. I'll be sharing what I worked on on the blog soon, but for now just know it was fun, weird, exciting, and hopefully, another big step for my business. I can't wait to share about it!

How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments!