Happy Birthday Cade!


Today I want to write a quick post about my youngest brother, Cade. Quick, because I've gushed about baby brother before and I don't want to be redundant. Cade being sixteen is just craziness. He has always been the oddest mixture of innocent little boy and wise old man, so to add in driving teenager seems incredibly wrong. I was cleaning files out of my computer the other day and came across a little video I'd taken when I came home from my senior year of college for the weekend and Cade was a BABY. Like...

2014-02-10_0001 2014-02-10_0002

This little kid turned into this teenager really fast.


I am old.

2014-02-10_0003And this is always the only photo of just me and Cade together (exceedingly flattering for both of us) that I can ever find. I don't know why that is but it needs to change this year.

So happy birthday, Cade. You are my favorite kind of person. Unique, confident, proud, stubborn, and kind. You're also very funny, but only when you're not trying to be :P

Enjoy your day off of school, most kids don't get that luxury on their birthdays. And also, enjoy the scenic snow flurries I requested from the snow gods for your birthday. I hope you don't sleep too late to miss them!