Charlottesville Mountain Engagement Session

Melissa and Tyler's Charlottesville Engagement Session in the Mountains

I posted on Facebook about a week ago that Charlottesville has been treating me exceptionally well lately and that is so very true! This engagement session with Melissa and Tyler has been a long, long time coming. I think it's been about a year since we booked, but Melissa and Tyler have been very busy world traveling since then! They spent months in Chile teaching English as a second language together and it was so fascinating to hear about their experiences. What an amazing thing to do together before you get married. 

The other extra special thing about this couple is that Melissa happens to be a photographer as well! Make sure you check out her website here! I remember when Melissa booked her wedding, she mentioned that her degree was in photography and I was instantly... well, a little intimidated honestly! Someone who went to school for photography wanted me to document her wedding!? Sounds crazy. And you know, more than intimidated, it made me think how wonderful it would have been if I'd known I wanted to do photography professionally when I was in college and could have majored in that. Alas! Everything turns out how it should and if I hadn't majored in English I wouldn't casually throw in sayings like "Alas!" into my everyday blog posts... or maybe I would have. That sounds like me ;-)

Because Melissa IS a fellow photographer, she and I were SO on the same page all session long. It was hilarious how many times we both said the same thing or had the same instinct. When I started holding cherry blossoms in front of my lens for a little foreground bokeh, Melissa was so excited, "I knew you'd do that!" Poor Tyler would make a suggestion and Melissa and I would say "Yes, but the light is better over HERE!" He was a great sport haha. I have a feeling he's used to hearing such things! I know I get a kick out of Erik telling people that clouds > direct sunlight because of natural light diffusion. It's adorable. 

We had the best locations for this shoot, too. I mean, jeez, these MOUNTAINS. They're absolutely magical. I just love living in Virginia, and Richmond specifically, where I can drive less than two hours one way for epic mountains and drive two hours the other way and be at the beach. There aren't many people who get to live that way. 

And you'll be amazed at how gorgeous Melissa's parents' BACKYARD is. Yep! Those gorgeous cherry blossoms are in a neighborhood backyard. I always tell my clients that we can make beautiful photographs no matter where we go, and that is the honest truth.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now. Melissa and Tyler, thank you for being such a fun couple, full of ideas and so willing to play along with me! I cannot wait for your beautiful wedding this Fall!