Chesterfield Outdoor Family Photography

Chesterfield Outdoor Family Photography_0004.jpg

Yikes! I have a bit of a back log of photo shoots that I haven't shared in the past month. Whoops! Time flies like you would not believe when you have your first child. I remember the days when I updated my blog 3x a week. Now, I'm pretty satisfied if I get a weekly post in! And you know me, if it comes down to a portrait session or the latest happenings of Willow, I'll probably blog about Willow haha. 

So I have to share this session and tell you that this was a larger, extended family (dog included!)... and yet, this was without a doubt the fastest photo shoot I've ever done! You'll notice that one of the couples in this family has a brand new baby(!) and a toddler. So of course, we were hustling to keep the little ones happy like I always do. But we really blitzed through this entire session in about 20 minutes, getting all the photos everyone wanted, and then we were done! It was crazy! I also lived pretty close by so I was out the door and back home in about an hour and that is just the weirdest feeling haha but it was nice!

We even picked the location just to serve the two little ones best. We went to their neighborhood playground so that we'd have a pretty outdoor area, but there would be something familiar and fun for the toddler to do if he got cranky (we never needed a break though, we were THAT FAST and THAT GOOD haha). I arrived early to scope out a few spots, and found this little nook in the trees with a creek behind it that was so perfect. I can't say it enough... we'll always find something beautiful no matter the location. 

I'm really pleased with how this session turned out. This family was just the sweetest and I love that they live all up and down the coast but gathered here in Chesterfield to celebrate the latest arrival together and to take some pictures to document the occasion. That is family time well spent!