Chesterfield VA Family Portraits

A Family Portrait Session in Chesterfield, VA

I've been so excited to share this session! I photographed this sweet family portrait session a few weeks ago when the leaves were at the height of awesome color and I just love how it turned out. Fall and family portraits just go together so so well. 

These are the kind of people you meet and instantly feel their kindness. All of my clients are always kind to ME, but it's the way they treat each other that really shows you who they are. And these kids were all so wonderful to each other. Everyone got along. It was just a fun family dynamic where everyone was easy to talk to, easy to joke with. It seriously makes photo sessions go so much more smoothly when everyone's having a good time and not taking the day too seriously.

Something extra special about this session is that it was gifted to this family by one of their best friends, who was my mentor during my fleeting year of teaching middle school English. That year seems long ago to me now, but I know every day was a battle for me then, and I would never have survived if it weren't for her unwavering support, compassion, and advice. When her good friend adopted a new son into her family, she had the brilliant idea of gifting them a portrait session to celebrate the family's new identity together! That is a good friend!

If you're interested in getting family portraits of your own done, make sure you check out the portrait portfolio and contact me to get more information on family portrait sessions!