Christmas 2013

I thought I'd write my goals for 2014 today, but I'm putting that off for another day because I never shared my Christmas with everyone and Christmas being my favorite time of the year, that's pretty silly. Also, I completely overslept this morning because I forgot to turn my alarm on after a week without it and when I woke up Elton John was on Kelly and Michael and I find Elton pretty fascinating, like absolutely everything about him is interesting. And I love that about people! It's so rare. Anyway. Cease weird ramble.

Today is the first day since December 22 that feels "normal." Erik has been home on vacation since then which is awesome. He works incredibly hard at his job (he's an application developer for Capital One... don't ask me what he does beyond that because all I know is it requires a lot of coding and computer sorcery that the rest of us will never understand), and he hasn't taken a full week off for Christmas ever before. He was definitely due for it. I love him being home, but I find it incredibly distracting! I shouldn't. He mostly hangs out with his computer playing games and watching cartoons. But him being home tells my brain "it's the weekend" and so I go into weekend, chill mode.

Here are some photos of Erik, Zeke, and I on Christmas Eve morning :) We opened stockings together before heading to my parents' house.

2014-01-02_0001 2014-01-02_0002 2014-01-02_0003 2014-01-02_0004 2014-01-02_0005 2014-01-02_0006 2014-01-02_0007Zeke loves Christmas ornaments. Giant ping pong balls!

2014-01-02_0008 2014-01-02_0009 2014-01-02_0010

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents' house so we could wake up on Christmas morning like little kids with the stockings all stuffed. I don't know if this is normal, but I really do miss living with my parents. I miss walking downstairs and being able to sit in the kitchen talking for hours until whoops its 1am and maybe we should go to bed now, but wait Daddy thinks we should eat ice cream first and that's never a bad idea so let's do that instead. My parents are my friends and I like hanging out with them and I'm not in middle school anymore, so it's okay for me to say that now.

Here are the Christmas Eve photos... can you tell it's my favorite day?

2014-01-02_0011Blooper. I found it funny.

2014-01-02_0021 2014-01-02_0020 2014-01-02_0019My parents are adorable.

2014-01-02_0018 2014-01-02_0017 2014-01-02_0016 2014-01-02_0015 2014-01-02_0014Josh's new cat.

2014-01-02_0013 2014-01-02_0012

2014-01-02_0022Christmas Eve jammies ;)

2014-01-02_0023 2014-01-02_00242014-01-02_0025

Christmas, we drove all over Chesterfield seeing my entire extended family. It's nice that they basically all live in one place still. Sometimes I wish Erik's family wasn't so far away so that we could see them all in the same way. But! After our post-Christmas annual trip to Chuck E Cheese (yep), we headed up to northern Virginia for a few days of Christmas celebration with Erik's family. This was extra exciting but for a reason that I can't say which is really frustrating but !!!!! Secrets. Ugh.

2014-01-02_0026 2014-01-02_0027 2014-01-02_0028

And finally after Christmas celebrations, we headed home to prepare for our annual New Years party with some of our favorite people who you might recognize. Chris and Kat always seem to carve out some time to hang out at our house, just the four of us, and I love it. Our New Years party was a huge success! I'm not sure Erik had quite enough time to recover from all the festivities, but this morning was the first morning we woke up without anyone else in the house and it was nice. Last night, we were taking the trash out (oh my goodness so much trash...) and it was so quiet out, we just stood in the driveway listening to nothing. I guess you're getting older when you stop to appreciate the silence.

It was a wonderful week. I'm grateful we got to spend so much time with family. Now, I'm happy to drink my new Keurig coffee, write blog posts, and hang out with Zeke in an empty house :)