Christmas 2017


Hey! It's January 2! That means new year, new beginnings, new start, yayyyyyyy...

I'm kidding. I actually do like the idea of hitting the refresh button in January. Even just putting away my Christmas decorations, while it's sad, when I'm done I always look around and feel a relief to see some of the clutter fade away. Note to self, do more decluttering this year. I'm always happier when I do. Another note, stop accumulating clutter.

But Christmas. We had a really nice Christmas this year. Erik got to take two entire weeks off of work which was awesome. We had a few days of relaxing, hanging out, taking Willow out and playing outside (because two weeks ago we had 60 degree days, not 7 like today ugh!). Then we went to northern Virginia to spend time with Erik's family for a few days which was nice, other than me feeling sick and yucky most of the time.

We hosted Christmas Eve at our house for my parents and brother (singular, because baby brother was too busy delivering pizzas to come!), which was really fun because I'd never hosted a holiday before. And Josh came over early to make a prime rib for everyone. We learned lots of newbie hosting things... such as, when your brother comes over early to make a prime rib, he consumes the oven for the entire day and that makes the rest of your cooking a bit of a struggle... As usual in my life, none of this would matter, but I have a one year old ticking time bomb who gets progressively hangrier as the night goes on and bedtime approaches and her tummy is empty. I'm always reminded of how lackadaisical the rest of the world operates when we spend time with people not raising young children haha. 

By the way, I didn't really take many pictures this year! I tried to take a lot of video because I find myself loving my home videos even more than my pictures. Well, I don't know if more... but it feels more immersive to watch a video. I'm basically a mess at the holidays trying to balance my SLR pictures, my phone pictures, my phone video, and my video camera haha.

Anyway, the night was a success and Christmas was very fun! Willow got her first visit with Santa, which was so much fun for me. She actually reacted to seeing her new toys all sitting by the tree when she came downstairs that morning. I love spending time with our families, but that quiet with just Erik and Willow is my favorite thing. Erik and I have always done our own mini Christmas together because I hate when people watch me open gifts and well, neither of us like people that much anyway, but now it's just even better with Willow running around. I swear, the three of us could hole up forever and be totally fine.

Of course after I got over whatever was ailing me, Erik and Willow picked it up. I never had a fever, but they both got one. It was weird to feel Willow all warm and see her all sleepy.  Luckily, our little Wolverine had no other symptoms than that and she and I just watched some extra Tarzan, her movie obsession as of late, and she was good as new in a day. Erik, however, not so much. He was down and out for a few days and is only just now feeling better. It's not right really because he had all these fun things planned for the first half of the week after Christmas, so he went out and hung out with friends. And then for the second half he was sick and pathetic and I couldn't leave Willow with him to go do my own solo adventuring. Oh well! That's how it always goes isn't it?

All in all, we loved the peace and quiet. Willow amazes us every day with something new. In all of Erik's sickness, she now consistently says "bless you" whenever he sneezes or coughs (it's hard to tell the difference between the two when you're a baby). This morning she was very confused about where Daddy was and after a thorough search of the house, realized, he really wasn't here. You get used to vacations really quick because it kind of feels like how life just should be all the time! Willow's also started telling me when she wants a nap, which is kind of weird because she wants to nap way earlier than I usually put her down. Today at 10:30 she started saying "nap!" and I managed to stretch her out to 11:30, but that should be interesting going forward.

I hope everyone else had a great holiday and that your heater doesn't break any time soon because holy moly, this doesn't even feel like Virginia!