Christmas Tree Farm Portraits

Jenny and ChrisChristmas tree farm portraits

If you follow me on any form of social media (you should. I'm fun) or if you've ever been to my house during December, then you already know I have an obsession with Christmas. A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook that I'd love to do some Christmas tree farm portraits and my call was answered!

Jenny and Chris were married just a couple months ago. I've been friends with Jenny since middle school and was lucky enough to go to their wedding and watch them recite some of the sweetest, most heartfelt vows I'd ever heard. I didn't know Chris at the time, but it was obvious that there was something incredibly special between these two. You can just tell who the blissfully happy couples are and Jenny and Chris are ridiculously happy. That was great news for me (not just because Jenny is my friend and I want her to be really happy, of course!), but I find happy couples so inspiring and easy to photograph.

Our Christmas tree farm session at Laron Christmas Tree Farm was quick because we got so many gorgeous photos right off the bat! We were just having fun, they were whispering dirty things to each other to make each other laugh (don't think that these photos are so cute and innocent), and Chris even did a model walk for us. In all seriousness, I'm so glad we got some beautiful pictures that capture the spirit of these two, their joy, and their love for one another. Enjoy some extremely adorable and Christmasy photos!

2013-12-16_0002 2013-12-16_0003 christmas tree farm portraits 2013-12-16_0005 2013-12-16_0006 christmas tree farm portraits 2013-12-16_0008 christmas tree farm portraits 2013-12-16_0010 2013-12-16_0011 2013-12-16_0012And then the sun came out and things got extra magical.

2013-12-16_0013 2013-12-16_0014 2013-12-16_0015 2013-12-16_0016 2013-12-16_0017 2013-12-16_0018 2013-12-16_0019 2013-12-16_0020 2013-12-16_0021 2013-12-16_0022 2013-12-16_0023 2013-12-16_0024 2013-12-16_0025 christmas tree farm portraits 2013-12-16_0027 2013-12-16_0028 2013-12-16_0029 2013-12-16_0030 2013-12-16_0031 2013-12-16_0032 2013-12-16_0033 2013-12-16_0034 2013-12-16_0035 2013-12-16_0036 2013-12-16_0037