Cindy and Brett's Engagement

Midlothian VA Portrait Photographer (10).jpg

The first time my cousin, Brett, brought Cindy to a family holiday, I think we were all pretty universally enamored with her. She fit into the family with ease and was the kind of sunshine and playfulness that clearly worked so well with Brett, who has always been fun and loving and the easiest guy to be around. They make perfect sense.

When they asked if I would take their engagement pictures for them, I was completely thrilled! I love my cousins but I don’t actually see and spend time with them that often, so I was eager for the chance to do so. Especially for such a happy occasion.

This session is an example of seeing picture potential in strange places. You’re going to think that we found this beautiful Fall field to shoot a lot of these images at, but you would be mistaken. As usual, this lovely overgrown Fall foliage was in the most unlikely of places… along the edge of a parking lot! Literally, behind them is a busy road with tons of cars going by and in front of them is a gravel parking lot. With the magic of cameras, you would never know. So glad Cindy and Brett trusted me when I told them I had a weird idea for our location! Haha!

Usually at the beginning of an engagement session, the groom to be is a little nervous and unsure. He could probably live his whole life without ever doing engagement pictures and that would be just fine. But Brett isn’t like that at all and he completely embraced the experience. Throughout our whole shoot he kept saying that this was really fun and he was glad they were doing it. He and Cindy both did wonderfully when I told them to lean into the awkwardness of staring longingly into each other’s eyes for unnatural periods of time!

The other thing that occurred to me, during our shoot and after it when I was editing, was that even if Brett was not my cousin, he and Cindy are exactly the kind of couple I always want and tend to photograph. Not too serious, very playful, low maintenance people who like to laugh a lot. You’ll see that in the pictures! I would ask them about their wedding plans and I could tell right away that they’re not the kind of people who get hung up on centerpieces and invitation fonts. Brett flat out said that it was hard for him to care about things like that when he knew the day would be perfect no matter what happened.

That’s how you know they’re going to have a grade A marriage ;)