Client Sites

client sites

Happy Halloween! And happy birthday to my incredible dad and #1 kindred spirit. What a lucky day to have your birthday. Halloween is Erik's favorite holiday of the year, so you know tonight we'll be watching something scary, eagerly awaiting our trick or treaters with a huge bowl of candy. Is there anyone in the world who buys Halloween candy that isn't your favorite candy? I can't imagine why you wouldn't. That's why we'll be handing out Milky Ways and Butterfingers (blech, Erik's favorite. He's crazy!).

But today's post is not about Halloween or anything scary whatsoever. It is about something really fun that I'm offering my wedding clients now. I've been trying to think of a cool name for them but it really has me stumped, so for now they are going to be called client sites. These client sites are an amazing way to customize my clients' experience and give them a beautiful way to showcase their engagement and wedding photos all in one place.

Kathleen and David, whose engagement photos I just shot, were sweet enough to let me showcase their client site. In general, these sites are private. They are for you and the people you decide to share them with. That could be just the people who attend your wedding. That could be every person on your Facebook friends list! That is completely up to you. I've been playing with pretty colors and for some reason yellow seemed to fit Kathleen and David's engagement session to me. It was Fall and sunny and to me, that's what their session was. Sun-soaked Fall. I should think of a title for all my sessions...

Anyway, if you're clicking around on their client site, you'll notice there is first, a lovely slideshow on the front page. Then links to the blog post I wrote about the couple and a gallery of their engagement photos. This gallery is great because it lets you share the photos on Facebook, buy prints, and even view a slideshow of the collection!


Of course, since the wedding hasn't happened yet, the "wedding" button doesn't have a link yet. But when it does, my clients and their friends/family will all know exactly where to go to see them. That's pretty amazing because it means I can upload previews before I finish editing the entire wedding. And everyone should know by now that I'm a sucker for previews ;)

So there you have it. Client sites. Just another fun perk for my wedding clients. What I really need help with is an awesome name to give these sites. For some reason, client sites just sounds a little cold and boring to me. I'm not sure what I'm looking for, but if you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comments!