Dear Bride

I know you've read a lot of blog posts since you got engaged. You've probably been inundated with advertisements and promotions from the wedding industry. You've gone through the "where do I even start!?" planning phase and then the "oh my god everything is so expensive" phase. You've browsed Pinterest, pinning away your dream wedding and delegating DIY projects to excited bridesmaids. You may have even attended a bridal show and had every wedding option thrown in your face by happy, well-meaning vendors, but overall it was more like sensory overload.

I hope you know that your wedding is going to be perfect. As much as I value and love photography, wedding albums, and canvases, I know none of it is anything in comparison to what your wedding day is really about.

A perfect wedding is one that makes you happy. It's one that starts the rest of your life with your spouse. END OF STORY. No debate.

When you're searching for your wedding vendors, please keep that in mind. Don't get sucked into the conventions and traditions that don't mean anything to you. If your grandma's chocolate chip cookies make you happier than any fancy wedding cake, then that's what you need at your wedding. If white is just not your color or you want to wear tennis shoes on your big day, then you should DO IT. Break the norm. Bend the rules. Because guess what, there really are no rules.

And if you LIKE following those traditions or getting that inspiration from Pinterest, then GO FOR IT. Don't feel like your wedding is any less special or trendy! We all value different things.

Your wedding is the start of something much more precious than any one day can be.