Oh man. Hello, blog. What a love/hate relationship we have.

Everyone knows that my blogging has taken a backseat to parenting in the past couple years. This is nothing new. So over the summer when I thought “hm, do I want to blog today?” I just listened to my instincts that said no. Even when I had nothing else going on and it wasn’t a time issue. It was more of a mental energy issue.

It’s something that I’ve discussed with a lot of people, but haven’t been able to articulate well. Nothing consumes your mind like full time 24/7 parenting. It’s just impossible to shut off all the to dos, expectations, and day-to-day necessary tasks that weigh on your brain. But it all feels important, and something like blogging, starts to feel less and less important.

The ease of Instagram or a quick Facebook post takes over. I’ve actually noticed a lot of bloggers struggling with this. Blogs and websites are time consuming. They take a lot more effort than you would think if you only read them. You can get across all those same thoughts on Instagram and know exactly how many people you’re reaching. It’s easier for people to comment on that platform than a blog. It’s more mobile-friendly. You can make a quick video that people instantly feel connected to in a way that words don’t do. Now, I believe words also have a unique power that video lacks. But all the same, it’s easy to let the blog fall away.

I think it’s the nostalgic in me that perseveres with the blog every so often. I do love reading a blog post I wrote 10, 15 years ago and getting into my state of mind at that time. That’s really cool. It’s a form of journaling and since I don’t actually journal for myself, I pretty much have this, pictures, and social media.

All this to say, what I’ve really enjoyed doing this summer, is letting naptime just be naptime. Not go time. From the time I wake up til at least 7pm every night, I’m taking care of Willow. And after that, I’m maintaining my relationship with Erik before we both pass out in bed somewhere between 9 and 10pm. So, nap time? I’m trying to embrace that as my time. My quiet, alone time. Which I need. The days when Willow does not nap are so exhausting. I’m done in a way I can’t explain by the time bedtime rolls around. To let chores or business or anything else consume that completely is hard. And some days, that just has to be done, but I’m trying to pull back on that. Trying to be at ease with doing less. Allowing myself to disconnect just a bit.

I do have a few posts I’ve been wanting to write and will do that soon! But I figured, first, a little explanation for the lack of posts was long overdue! That’s all for now, as nap time is officially over!