DIY No Sew Curtains

That's it. Those are the only things you need to make your own DIY no sew curtains. And to me, any time I can NOT sew is a great thing, considering I have no idea how to sew... at all :) Sorry, mommy-in-law! 

House Tour-2.jpg

Here's the "before" picture with my rusty colored curtains. I didn't hate them or anything, but I didn't feel like the orange color really went with anything else in my house.

Disclaimer: for me these curtains aren't really for privacy or anything other than decoration. But it would be easy enough to add some liner to the back of each panel if you needed them to be thicker or what not. All the same basic principles apply. 

Sidenote: Isn't my tabletop ironing board adorable? I had to buy an ironing board and iron for this project because um I didn't own those things. Erik has often said we needed them but I don't know, I guess girls have less ironing needs so it never really occurred to me? Anyway, now we have them! In mini form :) Ironing boards are surprisingly expensive!


Ironing board
Iron-on Adhesive (I wound up using two kinds because I ran out halfway through. I used this and this... both worked fine for my needs but I preferred the first type)
Clip on curtain rings (I bought mine at Target but these would work. Just make sure the ring is larger than your curtain rod)
Tape measure
GOOD scissors

Measure out your fabric. Make sure you leave an extra inch on the sides to be hemmed.

Hopefully you already know exactly what you need because you measured your wall/window/curtain length before you went to the fabric store. I was lucky because an awesome employee at U Fab fabric outlet, where I bought my fabric, told me if my curtains were just decorative I could easily just cut my yards of fabric in half to get two panels instead of one. That worked really well for me (especially because they didn't have quite enough of my fabric to give me the original yardage I needed!), but cutting down the middle of the fabric was definitely scary! I used my floorboards as guides :) Very professional.

For the first iron on adhesive I used, you had to iron it on once with paper over it, then pull the paper off, fold the fabric over, and iron again. I actually preferred this method to the Singer variety because with that one you it stayed loose until you ironed it all together so I wasn't as sure of where the adhesive was while I ironed. Sometimes it came loose on one end and I'd have to push it back under the overlap. 

Do this all the way around your panel. I actually left one side unhemmed because the edges of the fabric roll looked just fine to me :)

Attach curtain rings to the top (and the fabric guy said there is almost always a correct top to fabric, so I was careful about which way my flowers were pointing!). Each pack of curtain rings came with seven rings. I got the impression you're supposed to use one per panel, but I bought one per window. So I wound up only using three rings per panel. I'm sure it's just a preference thing. Three worked fine for me though I did kind of wish I had more. 

And voila! Curtains!

I would have done a whole room shot, but there's kind of a Christmas tree blocking the other window at the moment. You'll just have to come over and see them in person!

It took me about two hours to do both windows. But that's because I go really slow and cutting fabric freaks me out, especially when my choice fabric is on clearance and can't be repurchased. You could easily do this in an hour if you aren't making it all up as you go and photographing simultaneously ;) 

Oh, and I had a yard of leftover fabric so I made four placemats! I should have taken photos of those, but just imagine that awesomeness.

Any questions, just leave them in the comments!