DIY Spring Wreath

2014-04-09_0011Spring fever hit me hard yesterday. I think it hit everyone else last week some time, but I was sick and laying on my couch most of last week and while you can enjoy Spring with the windows open, it's just not the same as being out in the world. Yesterday was the first time I've gone swimming and could wear flip flops to the pool! I got to drive with the windows down and the music up. I wandered over to Old Navy where I bought short sleeve shirts and summer dresses (40% off guys, I basically had to). And then I came home to a house with a Christmas wreath on the front door. 2014-04-09_0001Okay, it's not super Christmasy... it's more wintry, but I made it and put it up for Christmas time! I've just allowed it to hang out all winter long since there was no obvious Christmasyness to it.

It is time for a Spring wreath.

spring wreathHere's what I got at A.C. Moore for about $10. Floral wire not pictured.

2014-04-09_0004I spent a few agonizing moments trying to cut up the fake flower stems with scissors, then kitchen scissors, then Pampered Chef sheers, before finally coming across this fun tool in Erik's tool box. Whatever it is, it worked very well. Cutting artificial stems is no joke!

2014-04-09_0003Once everything was cut up and separated like this, I jammed one end into the wreath. Very precise, I know, but part of why I like grapevine wreaths so much is that you can just do that.

2014-04-09_0005Every now and then I couldn't find a good place to stick the other end of the flowers into the wreath and had to use some floral wire to secure it.

2014-04-09_0006This looked pretty good laying on my coffee table (sorry about that by the way. A plain table probably would have photographed better but then I wouldn't have been able to watch Ellen while I did it. Priorities.) until I held it up like it was going on a door... then the edges looked very bare.

2014-04-09_0007So I added another layer of yellow on the outside edges as well. So many flowers...

2014-04-09_0008I added in some purple. If you're hoping for the names of all these fake flowers... you are really out of luck. I just liked them :)

And I added one daisy and thought that that was good and that using all three that I'd bought would look really busy. But then from a distance that one daisy looked really small and random. I finally decided on three. Major life decisions.

2014-04-09_0009And here it is all finished. Super easy.

2014-04-09_00122014-04-09_00112014-04-09_0010 See ya, Christmas/winter wreath. Only 7 months to go til Christmas season :) I really like Christmas. But right now I really like Spring. Happy Spring everyone!