Drive By Blogging

Look at those cuties. I swear.

I had to share a little sneak peek from the wedding I shot last week at Upper Shirley Vineyards since editing this sucker has been my main focus for the past week! See, now you can't be bummed at the lack of blog posts lately. Look at those faces and you get it... that couple needs their wedding images amirite!?

Okay, but anyway. I wanted to do a little life update. It's felt like a pretty crazy week around here!

I feel like we celebrated Easter for about three days haha. Erik's parents came to stay with us for the weekend and we had a nice time visiting with them. But of course, I got hit hard by a nasty case of mastitis basically as soon as they walked in the door. Things that a first time mom does not know about mastitis: 1. It can make you feel like you have the flu and give you a 103 degree fever aaand 2. Forgoing pumping at a wedding can have dire consequences an entire week later. Who would have known! Lesson learned, price paid, everything is much better now.

But it did drain me, that's for sure. Having guests is always kind of exhausting, especially when you're like me and want the house and linens all extra clean beforehand and when you're an introverted soul whose days are generally quiet. I also had a portrait session to do on Saturday, so I was working, cleaning, entertaining, and then running around to visit all the family we could on Easter. Needless to say, I was run down. Everyone was very considerate and didn't mind me taking breaks to rest. Even Willow decided to sleep through the night for the third time in her life! Little sweetie <3

It was fun to see everyone interacting with Willow this Easter though. She's become so much more mobile, so much more social in the months since Christmas when she last saw everyone all together. She was being her charming monkey self, smiling and waving and eating everything in sight with much enthusiasm.

We had this sweet moment with my dad swinging baby much higher than my mom approved of... little wild child was of course delighted.

I, again, forgot to use my video camera to record all the things I wanted to. I have this paranoid fear that the accessibility of phones and instant social media sharing is going to make all this documenting fruitless one day when we're like "where's that video of Willow on the swing?" and realize it's buried under years of posts on Facebook. So I try to use my regular cameras whenever I can, but it is definitely a struggle to manage a baby and all her things along with a big camera. First world problems, eh?

Anyway, I gave myself the day off yesterday. That may sound silly, but if I don't "officially" do that in my head, I feel very guilty when I'm watching TV instead of editing, blogging, emailing clients, whatever it is I should be doing that day. So I decided I needed a full day to rest and heal. So I did. As much as one can when you have a baby crawling about getting into all sorts of mischief (including scaling the stairs like it's no thang... new accomplishment for the day). What this basically means is that when Willow went down for her naps yesterday, I didn't frantically run around trying to squeeze in work, work outs, cooking, cleaning, shopping, or any of that fun stuff into our precious nap time. I actually sat down on the sofa and watched some Buffy! And I made a cake just for fun! It was fab.

So now, I think I'll get back to the edits and life's routine. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter with friends and family!