Edinburgh Portraits

Can you believe that THIS is within walking distance of Edinburgh? And not that far either. What an amazing city. For our fourth anniversary and for my favorite kind of traveling keepsake... Erik and I had our portraits taken by Mark Pacura, an extremely talented photographer in Scotland. It's good to be the subject of a photograph every once in a while. That way, I have beautiful pictures that I'm IN (every family has that person who's never in the photos right?) and it also reminds me of how my clients feel when I'm taking their pictures. It's a weird feeling! Which is good to remind yourself of as a photographer.

Mark was fantastic and very low key. His ideas were always "hey, why don't you walk up that hill and stand there for a second" and then they turned out magical! I have to admit, I was a little envious of him as he described some of his recent wedding travel. I can't even imagine shooting a wedding in Paris one weekend, then Italy the next, and you know living in Scotland all the while. Europe is such a cool place.

It's a little weird sharing portraits of myself, but a lot of people have been asking me about them so here they finally are! Enjoy! And make sure the next time YOU go somewhere magical, you have your pictures taken, too.