Engagement Photos - Maymont Park

Lauren and Sam


I received the sweetest email imaginable from Lauren just a couple weeks ago. She talked about her fiance, Sam, and the long relationship they've had so far. She told me how goofy they were and how she trusted me to capture that instead of stiff poses. I really connected with that email because she didn't say "hi, how much do you cost?" Instead she told me their story and told me how my photos made her feel. I was just smiling from ear to ear reading it. In person, she was no less sweet and I was so happy we could meet up in time to capture some of the beautiful colors of Fall for an engagement session at Maymont Park.

Lauren and Sam have been together since she was a sophomore and he was a junior in high school. Real life high school sweethearts! Now, they're graduate students at VCU together. Lauren is studying physical therapy and Sam is studying nursing anesthesia. They're from Roanoke, but are adjusting to life in Richmond. They knew about Maymont Park, but weren't extremely familiar with it so it was fun to show them around. Sam is a fellow JMU alum, so we got to connect through that as well. I genuinely believe people from JMU are the sweetest people on the planet and it's funny to think that we could have walked by each other on campus a hundred times and never known it.

Lauren and Sam told me they were not lovey dovey, that they were "over" that point of their relationship and needed photos that conveyed more of who they were than romance. They have more of a best friends, pick on each other, poke poke poke, laugh laugh laugh kind of relationship. Haha those are my words, but that's what I gathered and hopefully what these photos conveyed. I seriously had a blast hanging out with these two and getting to know their relationship. Enjoy some of my favorites from this truly joyful engagement session!

engagement photos maymont parkAlways a good idea to start the photo session at a location where the couple can't hear me directing them. Doi!

2013-11-01_0003 engagement photos maymont park engagement photos maymont park engagement photos maymont park 2013-11-01_0007 engagement photos maymont parkI really love this one. It's so happy!

2013-11-01_0009 2013-11-01_0010 2013-11-01_0011 2013-11-01_0012 2013-11-01_0013 engagement photos maymont parkHad to find a little yummy light :)

2013-11-01_0015 2013-11-01_0016This is so adorable!

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