Engagement Session - Point of Rocks Park

Brandi and Chris


I love when someone tells me that they read one of my blog posts and it really helped them. Brandi had read my post, tips for your engagement session, and had taken a lot of those ideas to heart. Instead of doing their engagement photos at Sunday Park, where Brandi and Chris will be getting married next September(!), we did them at a park where Brandi and Chris like to take their dogs and visit frequently. If you haven't been to Point of Rocks Park in Chester, VA, you're seriously missing out because it's gorgeous and has a lot of unique things to offer. I absolutely love the floating bridge there! It looks different every season of the year. When we came for this session, I was shocked at how overgrown with tall grass it was. I had only come in the spring when it was full of water and moss. It was amazing!

The other thing Brandi and Chris did that made their engagement session extra special was bringing their dogs along! I think one of the puppy pictures needs to be a Christmas card this year, but hey that's just me and I have Christmas cards on the brain lately ;-). They were really smart and had a family member bring the dogs for a few photos and then take them home. That was perfect because it let us maximize our time together. I almost always schedule my sessions for late afternoon so that we can get some dramatic sun setting shots. The only flaw in that is that it puts us on an unmovable clock! If something isn't working (uncooperative puppies perhaps?) it's best for us to just move on and find what will work. Luckily, these puppies were super sweet and fun, so we had no problems at all.

You know who else was super sweet and fun? Chris and Brandi of course! Their relationship actually reminded me of mine and Erik's. Chris was definitely not a picture guy and Brandi was definitely a picture girl! This is the lifelong battle I'm destined to with Erik as well (just you wait til the end of the week, I have some hilarious photos of Erik's photo exhaustion to share!). As usual, though, they both fell into a great rhythm pretty quickly and their photos turned out really amazing. So Fall and warm and sweet and, my favorite thing, so joyful. I love them and I'm going to stop rambling now because there's plenty of time to do more of that when I blog about their wedding ;-)

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